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Originally Posted by ksryder View Post
Where tf do you ride 40 miles and only get 26 feet of climbing?

And I say this as someone who lives in Kansas.
Originally Posted by superdex View Post
If it's an organized club ride, there is most likely a waiver that each rider has signed prior to the ride (either as part of the membership, or ad-hoc at the ride start). Which makes it hard to join in mid-ride. Anyone here lead club rides and what would/should you do as a ride leader?
Originally Posted by livedarklions View Post
Average speed of 21 mph, and max of almost 31. Might not be any elevation, but it sounds like a pretty good downhill somewhere.
Originally Posted by burnthesheep View Post
158bpm and nearly two hours on a group ride. Either someone was doing some hero pulling or was cutting their teeth to hang on to that ride. Especially considering they had 20 minutes of non moving time in there somewhere to catch their breath.
Originally Posted by asgelle View Post
Or heart rate is highly individual dependent. With a threshold heart rate around 173, I can ride at 158 all day.
Our Sat. morning LBS ride (no waiver) is 40 miles with around 30' elevation ONLY BECAUSE we ride over some canal "humpback bridges." About 1 mile or maybe 2 miles at a controlled speed after leaving the bike shop and then there are a few riders who get antsy and let it rip. A good MPH Average would be 23mph to 24mph with the faster guys finishing a bit sooner.

Before my cancer slowed me down the best ride I was on we averaged 23.8mph for the 40 miles with the fast guys being no where in sight after 12 miles into the ride.

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