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Originally Posted by Kimmo View Post
Care to fill me in?

...Are you saying my basic premise, that discs can be way more of a PITA, is incorrect? Or was it something else?
Not really? If the bike is maintained properly on a regular basis by either a competent mechanic or a home mechanic it requires very little work. Clean the caliper of build up, push the pistons in and out a few times each and wipe them down to make sure they aren't sticking, occasionally true a rotor or use icetech rotors that almost never go out of true. Contamination isn't really that big of a concern, and bleeding is a simple process that takes like 2x to get the hang of. For shimano you can go like 3-4 years even without a bleed as the mineral oil doesn't absorb water. Overall if you include total time over the life of a rim brake bike that used in the rain, the time spent works closer than you'd expect if you factor in a relace of a rim hoop that involves tensioning and/or replacing spokes.
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