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The Inbike IC-321 is a great unit. I have been using this unit for more than two years.
I have them installed on six ancient Schwinn bicycles from the early seventies (Collegiates and Suburbans).
I have also installed this unit on my neighbor's Kent GMC Denali 21 speed.
On all seven of these bicycles, I fabricated a mount to hang the SENSOR from the Left Side Front Axle Nut, RATHER THAN ATTACHING IT VIA THE SUPPLIED ZIP TIES & DOUBLE-SIDED MOUNTING TAPE THAT YOU'D USE TO ATTACH THE SENSOR TO THE FRONT FORK.
It should be No Problem At All if your Fork is round and "broomstick like" rather than very thin and blade-like such as an '72 Varsity fork or the thin tubular Schwinn fork seen on the '72 Continental/Suburban.
Another thing that you should know, the Spoke magnet is in a lightweight plastic housing and I'd suggest that you add a tiny drop of Epoxy to secure the magnet to the plastic housing. The magnet that is supplied with the Inbike IC-321 fits perfectly on the spoke of the Kent GMC Denali 21 speed bicycle. However, on the ancient Schwinn bicycles, slight modification was required to use the magnet. The reason is that on the ancient Schwinn bicycles, the magnet as mounted without modification is angled slightly. You can file the plastic slightly and using Epoxy to affix it to the ancient Schwinn spoke - OR- you can buy a generic Speedo magnet for approximately $1 from any one of hundreds of Chinese want the magnet with the metal example will be shown in a following link.
For mounting this Inbike IC-321 on the 31.8mm diameter handlebar of the Kent GMC Denali, we took a $2 generic Garmin mounting arm and EPOXIED the Inbike IC -321 mount DIRECTLY ON TOP OF THE PORTION OF THE GENERIC GARMIN ARM WHERE YOU'D ORDINARILY ATTACH THE GARMIN UNIT. We were required to do this because the attachment is slightly different. NO WORRIES BECAUSE IT (the surface mount) MATCHES THE COLOR AND TEXTURE EXACTLY AND MOUNTS FLUSH WITH NO GAPS OR OVERHANGS. I took Black sewing thread and tied the underneath section of the INBIKE IC-321 to the underneath section of the generic Garmin mount...............once that is tied and held in place......You then saturate the thread with EPOXY and everything is SOLID and You cannot see any glue or anything Unless you lay on the ground and look up from the floor at the underside.
Obviously, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DESIGN YOUR OWN MOUNT with a Generic Garmin arm, but in my case, she wanted something that looked fancy and perfect. She didn't really care for the extremely simple rubber ring and plastic mount that is supplied with the INBIKE IC-321.
It is a really good basic WIRELESS Speedo and Odometer from a functionality and Display size standpoint.
Yes, the the Sensor Mounting method of zip ties and double sided super tape is not my favorite.
I'd prefer a design that would have an integrated metal hanging bracket that would HANG the sensor ON the front axle nut. I designed and modified it such that it would work flawlessly on my ancient Schwinns or any ancient bicycle. There are many ways that you could modify and Macguyver one to hang on the Left front axle nut like I did. There is no reason though IF you like the Zip tie to the Fork and double sided tape and it works with your bicycle's forks. It will easily work as supplied on Round BroomStick like Forks BUT IF YOU'VE GOT SOMETHING ANCIENT WITH Ashtabula blade forks or ancient thin tubular forks, you may not get a very stable mount....................that is why I mentioned the modification.............................IF YOUR BIKE HAS ROUND BROOMSTICK LIKE FORKS, YOU SHOULD HAVE NO PROBLEMS MOUNTING IT SECURELY AS IT COMES FROM THE FACTORY.

Universal Magnet....screw type that differs from the one supplied with the IC-321.

Generic Mounting Arm for Garmin type...... you'll have to EPOXY the IC-321 mount on top of this, as the twist lock isn't the same!

YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT THE INBIKE IC-321 has two CR2032 3v button batteries. One is in the SENSOR, and one is in the DISPLAY COMPUTER. This Chinese seller says that batteries are included. You must pay attention to that because it varies among different sellers in ShenZhen and Hong Kong. Most of the US based sellers include the batteries. Typically you'll pay $12.99 to $13.99 (most reasonable USA based sellers) from US sources and you'll pay between $9.99 and about $11.40 from best priced, reliable Shenzhen and Hong Kong sources for these WIRELESS VERSIONS.
There are no differences between the US and China stock, as it is the exact same WIRELESS VERSION......however Pay Attention to IF THE BATTERIES ARE SUPPLIED OR NOT SUPPLIED.
There is a WIRED VERSION that you can buy for about $5 to $7 BUT WHY BOTHER WITH WIRES WHEN THE Wireless INBIKE IC-321 works flawlessly. I will point out that UNLESS you are going more than ZERO to 4 mph, you'll get something on the display but it won't be realistic or stable, IF YOU'RE GOING AT LEAST 4 mph , it will read with great accuracy, assuming that you set the Wheel circumference that matches your tires/wheel size.
Tip: Remove the Battery from the Display-Computer/Speedo UNIT to Zero out and re-set or reprogram the specs.
It is simple to set up once you figure it out...............The Chinese translated English directions are probably harder to read than Vintage Schwinn's posts.
It is a great little unit that gives you a Nice READOUT of SPEED, ODOMETER, and CLOCK for under $14.
*****INBIKE IC-321 Wireless bicycle speedo*****************
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