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Originally Posted by Chris L View Post
You do realise that most of the world feels the same way I do, don't you? Seriously. Besides, why do people working as wait staff think they're job is any harder than anyone else's? Today in this city there are people working in the construction industry, for example, in temperatures of around 33 degrees C, in the sun, lifting heavy objects all day. I don't see anyone offering them a tip.

And yes, I might tip for a massage while receiving the meal.

It's not a question of what I can or can't afford, it's a question of what I choose to pay. If I pay $20 for a meal, then that's what it costs. If someone wants me to leave another $2 or whatever, they should factor that into the cost of the meal, then I can make an informed decision about whether or not I think the meal is worth $22.

BTW, do you realise how stupid your "tips are taxed" statement sounds? I work as a tax agent (incidentally, I didn't ask for a tip from the client for whom I saved over $20,000 last week). Let me tell you, most people who receive cash tips don't pay a cent of tax on them. It's one of the reasons a lot of people are willing to work for lower wages in exchange for being paid in cash, because neither the tax man nor the government welfare agencies have any way of tracking that money. Nobody has any idea what a waiter received in cash tips last week, except possibly their manager who took a cut of it for themselves.
BTW, you are absolutely dead wrong on the bolded part, I know from having worked a tipped job or 10. The IRS ASSUMES a 15% Tip if you work for a restaurant as a server here in the good ol' US of A and the employer deducts the appropriate taxes from their subminimum wage check. I tip 15% for average service, and 20-25% for good service, and better for extremely good service.
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