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Originally Posted by EPOisDope View Post
I can't argue that. Another element of the breathing issues could be some form of asthma. A couple of weeks ago I foolishly did an FTP test, which resulted in a bit of difficulty breathing towards the end of the hour, which, of course, I pushed through, and didn't go away completely when I was done. It wasn't severe - slight amount of chest tightness when I was just sitting around, but fairly significant during exercise. I was pretty convinced that it was another pulmonary embolism when it didn't clear after 3 days, and it felt very similar to previous PEs, so I decided to get it checked. According to a ct scan of the chest, there was no clot. Also no sign of heart damage, at least based on troponin levels and comparing an EKG to one taken a year ago. I asked my primary doctor for a prescription of Albuterol to see if some of this was more of a bronchospasm. So far the breathing seems a bit better with the inhaler, but like you said, I'm basically just playing with fire. I do have a disturbingly lengthy EKG interpretation, including left atrial enlargement, conduction delay, etc. Pushing this hard is just pointless, unless maybe USA cycling comes up with a new "Heart Attack Hero" category. I'm guessing that their legal team might have something to say about that! My fitness is way better than it should be given all of this, so I should really just be grateful for that instead of trying to put Filippo Ganna in his place.

Just curious . . .what sort of conduction delay? I have a partial left bundle branch block. Doesn't seem to do any harm other than probably lower my heart's efficiency a bit. The doc said don't worry about it, so I don't. Left atrial enlargement, I think, is not good. But yeah, pushing too much is probably not the best idea. I'm in that same mood.

This winter, my project is simply to be able to ride my resistance rollers at 75% of last year's FTP for 2 hours steady without heart rate drift. I'm up to 90' now. IOW I'm trying to maximize my aerobic ability, which should cut down on my need for anaerobic work, which will lessen the load on my heart at the same power. I think. Today I did that 90' at 80% of LTHR or 73% of MHR, breathing very easily. That's what I'm looking for. Low end is really slow to train, high end trains quite quickly. I have to concentrate so hard on the details of pedaling and holding the same power and staying meditative and staying on the rollers that it's really not boring at all. I'm trying to work up to 8 hours a week of that one specific exercise. Then I'll think about what to add, probably some longish 105% intervals.

My hub power meter was new to me this past July. I'm really enjoying it, another interesting toy.
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