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Aerobic exercise has been shown to raise FTP. 8-10 hours/week of aerobic exercise should help. "Aerobic" as used here means not anaerobic, which means keeping effort below the point at which breathing rate increases, known as AeT or VT1. Google. By HR, this is somewhere around 85% of LTHR at ~90 cadence. Breathing rate is probably more accurate, though even that is a bit sloppy. Below that anyway, not right at it, but a little below, which makes the sloppiness not so important. 2 hours of that without HR drift is the gold standard, which may take while to accomplish, depending on training state. This takes a lot more time than high end training for the same result in FTP, but it benefits more than just FTP. If one has lots of time, one can do this as much as one has time for. Outdoors, it's important to gear down for the hills to try to keep the effort down.

90 cadence at low effort doesn't do much for the legs, though every day will tire them out for sure. One can push the legs harder by gearing up. Power will go up for the same breathing and HR, so power isn't as good a metric for staying aerobic.
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