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Originally Posted by Jipe View Post
If you look at the comparison between the normal and ultralight, the weight reduction is for me mixed.

There are good thing, the transmission for instance with the E13 9-34 cassette.

Strange choice: Shimano Dura-Ace R9100-SS max cog = 30t while the cassette is 9-34 ?

And less good thing, the brakes for instance: the Formula brakes are heavier than the TRP mechanical brakes. I have TRP Spire on my Birdy and they are really good, no need of hydraulic brakes.

There are few hydraulic disc brakes weighting less than the TRP Spire and they are very expensive.

The weight saving provided by the lightweight fragile disc rotors is questionable: how long will these disc last, how do they perform wrt. normal discs ?

Last point, more than 500g of the saving comes from the tires and Tubolito which is not that good as these lightweight tires are less robust and the Tubolito not very good.

I tried Tubolito's and had 2 of them that leaked due to manufacturing issues (replaced for free by Tubolito) and the two replacement one eventually had punctures that cannot be fixed because the special patches sold by Tubolito do not hold pressure a long time and Tubolito cannot be repaired with normal glue and patches.

The Donnelly MXP tire is a cyclocross tire, the only 24" tire made by Donnely a small company, and pretty difficult to find a kind of one shot weight saving, when the factory mounted tires must be replaced, the weight saving will probably disappear due to the impossibility to find this Donnelly MXP tire.

So the big weight saving provided by the tires and Tubolito (more than 25% of the total weight difference between the two versions) is a kind of fake weight saving.

Very helpful!

FWIW, Kenda Kwest in 40-507 are "out of stock" in all of the sites I've checked and are not listed on the Kenda site. Perhaps the've been replaced by the Kenda Conversion 40-507, which are available. I'd hate to buy a bike and have it become unusable due to a difficulty in locating replacement tires.
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