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Originally Posted by Schwinnsta View Post
I don't know how this works but it does not look like a broken weld.
I can confirm it is a fractured weld. There are two welds very close together at the base of the steerer where it joins the upper half of the handle post hinge. It is the lower weld which has fractured. The mode of failure was loss of steering while riding, the locking mechanism did not fail so the handle bars did not detach from the bike. The rider managed to stop safely. Helix have requested owners not to ride the bikes as a precaution until investigations are complete. They have posted: "Right now it is impossible to determine whether or not this is an isolated issue, so as a precaution I ask that you all stop riding your bikes immediately until we have determined the cause of this failure. This is the highest priority and we are working quickly to resolve this asap.
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