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Headset question

Thanks for the info so far.

Its 2019 based on the SN, so it would be a Euro BB.

What I ment on the length of the levers, was for the rear part where the brake pads mount. Maybe there called something different. But while shopping around I seen lengths of 85mm or 105mm. We have determined that we would need the longer one to clear the big tire (26x2.5).

My next question is about headsets. The current one is the caged ball bearing style and some of the ball bearings are missing from the bottom set. I would like to go to a sealed bearing type. I understand I would need to replace the cups and get a whole set. But I'm unsure of difference of 36 degree and 45 degree. I'm not sure what part that relates to, so that I could compare to the current set up. I have been looking at the FSA Orbit, is this do-able or what should I go with?

Thanks again.
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