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Originally Posted by indyfabz View Post
My ex-GF is 5' even. She rode the smallest size available in 2011. Can't remember if that was 44cm or 42cm. Either way, I am wondering if a 46cm would be too large for you.

The specs I found on line show the LHT with a 30x36 low gear. The 2018 Trek with a 26x32 low gear. Haven't done the math, but I am not sure the Trek's low end is lower than the LHT's. In any event, it's easy and cheap to drop the 30t small ring to a 26t, 24t or even 22t. I went from a 26t to 24t a while back.
the 2018 Trek does have lower gearing Indy compared to the 2019 LHT
trek has 48/36/26 and 11-36 9 speed= 19.6 gear inches low gear
LHT 50/39/30 and 11-36 9 speed= 21.6 gear inches

so I was wrong, the Trek has lower gearing.
my checking shows the Trek having a 11-36 cassette, same as LHT

and I dont know the Sora crank 50/39/30, so I dont know if its easy to change the 30t. Remember they changed the bcd of the Tiagra triple crank, you cant go smaller than the stock 30t now, its been a bunch of years now.

BUT, the Trek will certainly have bad toe overlap , especially with fenders.....

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