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and from webpage photo, you can see the very evident toe overlap--the toeclip in the photo is already touching the tire, and this is without fenders.
Lets face it, S and XS frames with 700 wheels have this, heck even a lot of M sized bikes have it, one of my M frames does a bit, with 28mm tires and no fenders (a cyclocross frame)

lots of people live with it without issues, but some have problems and fall over.

In maybe 89 I bought a new 12 speed bike, 2x6, had fenders put on it, went out the store and within 5 mins had hit my toe on the fender hard enough to cause the fender to get pulled up under the tire, bending the fender all up.
That was my introduction to it.
I appreciate on my 26in Troll that I can fiddle and faddle slowly on a dirt or cobblestone road in Guatemala and not hit my toe on my fenders.

I'm just making the person aware of it.

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