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Try these simple tips first and you probably don't need to spend $$$ on a home security system:
* I lock my doors and windows when I go out.
* I know my neighbors and they know me, so we know when someone 'odd' is lurking around the neighborhood.
* If I go on vacation I let the neighbors use my driveway to park a car (or two) on streetsweeping days and when they have friends over (makes it look like someone is home).
* I use timers on a few interior lights so it looks like someone is home in the early evening (5PM -10PM).
* Don't flaunt it if you own hi-priced jewelry or firearms - criminals love both as they are easy to sell on the black market.

Most of those security system companies advertise based on fear, but nothing is 100% safe, including a commercial security system. Do the above and you'll probably eliminate +95% of the crime opportunities.
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