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Vintage low-end der shoot-out...

Okay, as some of you know, I'm building a touring/rough roads bike from an old '67 Japanese frame. I know it's not valuable and that is fine, I enjoy the whole rebuilding/project aspect. Anyway, I'm going to be shooting for lower gearing while keeping the weight somewhat in control, but again, durability and rough-road capability trump weight for this build. I have a 1st gen Shimano Lark (black) and a 1st gen Suntour GT I'm considering. I've been to the disraeligears site and understand his take, but looking for opinions. I should note, I'm leaning toward using a low range 32t which I get might be asking too much of the Lark which is listed at 28T but I reckon I might get it to work anyway. I'm leaning toward the heavier GT just as I have experience with them but am interested in the collected wisdom/experience here. If it helps I plan on using a Sugino crank I had lying around from cyclocross days with a 34/50T. I know that is pretty low, but I'm thinking of possibly even pulling a trailer with this bike on fire roads.
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