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Activesport/Mark Anthony Bikes - Avoid

Decided it might not be a bad idea to have a spare integrated seat clamp wedge for my bike.

Googled around, found the part a few places. Activesport was the cheapest, at 26.24 British pounds.

I went to their site, added it to my cart, and just tried a coupon code on a whim - ACTIVE5. It worked, first one I tried, total guess. Lucky me! I then tried ACTIVE10 and ACTIVE15, which didn't work, so I went back to ACTIVE5, got a whopping 1.31 pound discount, and ordered the part.

Couple days go by, and I get an email from Activesport:

Originally Posted by Active Sport

We do not recognize the 5% discount voucher with this order can you please forward how you was sent this discount voucher. Thanks
I reply and just tell them their site accepted it and if it wasn't valid, their site wouldn't/shouldn't have accepted it, so...

Couple days go by, and I get the following email this morning:

Originally Posted by Activesport
The site has not accepted it voucher codes are only ever given out to returning customers or customers who have reached a certain amount spent with us. Hence the email as the site has rejected to process the order we have cancelled the order and card authorization
I mean, how petty can these people be? They go out of their way to challenge a potential first time customer over a valid discount code that their own site accepted, for a grand total discount of 1.31 pounds, and then just canceled the order? They should've just honored the lousy tiny discount rather than going out of their way to challenge a customer about it, when their own junk site accepted it. And then to lie and say the code wasn't accepted? It clearly was. I mean, they didn't even offer to process the order keeping their precious extra 1.31 pounds, no, they just canceled it. So I'll never do business with them again, and I'll make sure to remember that experience and share it in the hopes that eventually they fold up shop for being such crap. I can't believe these places still don't understand the power of the internet and how quickly their reputation can turn to absolute trash when deserved.

Go ahead and cancel the order on a whim, hopefully their petty greed over 1.31 pounds causes them to lose far more business.

I mean what am I to think? I find a part, guess a code for a teeny tiny discount, it works, the site accepts it, I order the part, they challenge me about it, and end up canceling the order altogether. How poor does that look?

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