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Originally Posted by Netazah View Post
Wanted to get other's opinion on this. I bought a new bike, Felt Z5, and had it fit at the beginning of the summer after plenty of riding. Since then I have gone back and forth with the LBS to tweak things here and there. However I got some nasty Achilles pain after a hot 60 mile ride with lots of climbing and it hasn't gone away despite several adjustments. Taking some time off the bike to fully recover but the whole thing has left me wondering how good a job the initial fit was. My question is, what's the etiquette to ask about doing a full fit over again?
I would try things on my own rather than use the shop, unless they charged you a lot for the fit. A $400 fit ought to be worth a couple follow ups (if they're even necessary), a free fit is really to get you going.

Achilles pain will NOT go away until it's healed. Riding with tendon pain is not a great way of letting the tendon heal.

Finally adjustments done willy nilly won't get you into a solid position where your body is acclimated to the fit. You need to decide on something, make sure it's pain/injury free, then go from there. If it's pain/injury free then you can experiment. Back off when there's any kind of pain/injury that's not just muscles being used differently. Typically joint pain (knee, ankle, hips) is bad, muscle soreness is not.
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