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Group ride had a headwind for about 2/3 the ride. Just the way the route wiggles across town. The part assisted by wind is where we have lots of turns and stops and it isn't helpful. Overall speed wasn't super fast, but new nominal power record for the ride. 280w NP for 70min (4w/kg). 102 TSS in 1:07. Probably a new record 30sec and 40sec power on my TP at 740w on one hill sprint.

Who says the 20mph group ride can't be saucy? It's not just about average speed, it's about the workout.

But, to me, kudos of the night goes to the single speed guy. Wow, strong.

Overall I put 10 seconds here and there into the group at the top/end of some of the hills before regroup points. At the end of the ride got 20 seconds on the group in the last section.

Good beers were drunk afterwards by all, and a couple steak and cheese grilled cheese's enjoyed by the group. A good night.
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