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Originally Posted by Velo Vol View Post
I work part-time at a small business. The owner has a (75 gallon?) fish tank. He used to take really good care of it, but in recent times has really let it go. As in, I'm not sure how the remaining fish survive.

A week or so ago I notice water on the floor. Trace it back to one of the two filters that was so clugged with slime that it was dripping behind the tank. I took the lid off, so at least it wasn't dripping, and told him.

At the end of last week I smelled a funny smell. Went in there yesterday and it smelled strongly of smoke. Looked behind the tank and saw the other filter dripping. Stared below for a bit and saw that the power strip was literally sparking.

He unplugged everything, I took the filters outside and flushed them clean with water. But man, why don't you clean the tank?!? I know he gets busy at time, but he's not that busy. It could have burned the building down.
As someone who's owned a number of fish tanks, including several years with piranhas, the fish tank is not the answer to whatever question you're asking.

In Addiction historical news, remember LC and his fish tanks?
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