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Originally Posted by MoAlpha View Post
As a physician, I managed to deal with fascicles and even full blown fascia without the taint rubbing off on me.
Different word, but appreciate the contribution nonetheless.

Originally Posted by Bah Humbug View Post
It does, and I dismiss most of those as well. And "fasc-" is nowhere near as common as "future". And "fascism" holds a special and highly-negative connotation for most people. A better example would be, say, if Rubik's Cube enthusiasts started a club called "Cubists" and adherents of Cubism got upset. Dadaists, on the other hand, would have a point, since "dada" is not usually used, at least by people older than, say, 2.
Well, I did say a little annoyed, not "upset," and that's really just because Futurism is largely unknown to the masses. Which is understandable and fine, but the annoyance comes from those actually using the term that don't have the first clue about it.

On appropriation, I agree that the less said the better, but imagine if the Italians started chiming in with all of the frankly dreadful things that have been done to their cuisine that is still marketed as "Italian"?

Originally Posted by SethAZ View Post
If you are unfamiliar with "Hobart's Funnies," they were a series of modifications to some tanks that a British general came up with during World War II to provide combat engineering capabilities to armored units to help break out from the beaches of Normandy on D-Day and thereafter...
Good stuff
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