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Originally Posted by mstateglfr View Post
Sell them to someone in Des Moines!

I could use 1 more, but in all seriousness- I am 6'5 230# and use a C17s, the women's version, on my gravel bike. Its the same as the regular C17 but with a 1cm shorter nose...or something like that. Anyways, the dimensions are the same as many male saddles and it works great.
Point being, like others have said- its all individual and though Brooks is a default response for a touring saddle, there is more than one way to skin a cat. A tall guy using a women's saddle shows that.
Originally Posted by veganbikes View Post
So slightly unrelated to finding a new saddle but what color is your old saddle and what are your plans for it? I happen to be someone who has a rear end that just loves the Cambium and actually need another one for another bike. I actually have the C17s on my touring bike and it is just fine (a touch shorter but that is it) I think I bought it accidentally and then got another C17 in the regular version and noticed it.

Thanks a bunch for the response
I will definitely be selling them. I have a black one that is essentially brand new - purchased in late 2016, ridden maybe 500 miles? The other is slate colored, but has some fading from the sun. (I actually like the faded look.) Purchased in early 2015, has more miles on it (2,000-3,000?). My bikes are always stored indoors, never outside. My mom currently is trying the slate one on her bike, but I very much doubt she'll keep it as she seemed very skeptical about trying it and she's not a serious cyclist by any means. If anyone is seriously interested in buying, drop me a PM.

Maybe I should drive out to RAGBRAI (I'm in Wisconsin) and stand on the side of the road with them!
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