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Originally Posted by djb View Post, I have toured for a while now, and have always seen the similarity between a heavy loaded touring bike and a 18 wheeler--they both accelerate and brake slowly, both slow down really darn fast on uphills, and we both have to row the gearbox to keep our engines in the right powerband and not lug down.....
This made me laugh. I haven't toured but I have lugged my own fat butt up some hills on bikes and you're right.

The guy my DT will be going to is a Trek dealer that's been in the community for decades. It's not a wealthy community so most of his money is made from servicing bikes instead of sales. He's good with a wrench. I actually tried to buy a 520 from him and keep my money local but he's been burned too many times and now refuses to do special orders. He's been left with very high end bikes on his floor in a small town that usually buys bikes at walmart. I was frustrated but I understand. Instead I drove several hours away to get my DT. As far as I know there is nothing wrong with it but I just want to make sure it's good to go. The company I work for now is just a few miles from the Surly dealer I bought it from so that's where she'll get serviced after this.
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