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Most of the roads were made for horses and horse drawn wagons. A lot of roads were paved before cars came into existence, some were paved by bicyclists, some were paved by street-car and trolley companies, who had to pave the road as part of the bargain, to let them put tracks in the street. Farmers also were getting roads paved, because they needed to get their produce to market all year long, before it spoiled.

Interstate Highways do usually exclude bicycles, but the Interstate highways were actually built for the United States Army, and Truck Convoys.

Some roads, leon12, were built without any consideration of bicyclists. You can tell by the lack of a paved shoulder. Those roads represent poor highway planning. Conflict is inevitable; the cyclist is put in danger, and the motorist may be delayed until there's a break in traffic coming the other way.

Current standards call for roadway travel lanes to be at least fourteen feet wide. A truck and a bicycle can share a fourteen foot wide travel lane. For some reason, truck drivers are better drivers than the average person who owns a car.

Really, ten thousand cars and trucks pass my bicycle safely. Then, one-in-ten-thousand has a problem (being six plus feet shy of the double yellow line), always a regular sized car, not a professionally driven truck.

Don't make excuses for the 1/10,000th of drivers.
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