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The bike lanes aren't just for bicyclers. We tend to think of bicyclists as a minority, but , if we build a system of bike lanes, everyone will be able to ride a bicycle. Suppose we start with 900 bicyclists. Then we build this new lane, and more people can ride safely, and we have 990 bicyclists. Bicycling has gone up ten percent. Now we build bike lanes on North-South and East-West streets, and anyone can ride freely, without being mauled by an auto, to any destination in the city. Then we'll have 9,000 bicyclists, or a ten-fold increase.
Don't say that these lanes are just for bicyclists. Instead, tell us how many roads need a bike lane before YOU , Y-O-U, You, will start riding a bicycle? And if you are physically incapable of bicycling, I'm sure you can ride a wheelchair in the bicycle lanes. You had better get in shape. But remember, bicycling is easier than walking. You can cover five times the distance on a bicycle as you can walk.
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