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Originally Posted by chasm54 View Post
If it works for you, fine, but in general I'd advise against this. Lengthy breaks just allow lactate products to accumulate in your legs, so that when you restart it is harder going than it would have been had you just carried on. My stops are long enough for me to fill water bottles, pee, grab some food, that's all. Maybe add some stretching if you're uncomfortable for any reason. But keeping downtime to a minimum, in my experience, is a recipe for feeling fresher as well as for finishing faster.

Originally Posted by Voulost View Post
I'll have to try this next time, I've just always done it my way and never bothered to try to cut downtime
I allow for some rest time, but in total, not exceeding 10 minutes per break. I give lots of attention to stretching, may be because I'm old. Icy water on tired muscles along with gentle massage work wonder for me. Starting out again, try not to rush it despite feeling fresh. Slowly work your heart(correction: inserted "r" to heat) rate up A century is not all that difficult. Anticipation can kill you however. That's why finding friends to chat, as mention above, will curb your nervous tension on you first try.

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