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Was going to LOL WUT about the Kid Rock reference too, after so many people got there first I'll just move along...

Originally Posted by tyrion View Post
I like the design but I do question house brand tubing. It might be fine and everything as advertised but until it's been tested in the real world it doesn't justify any kind of premium in my thinking.
They used the ACE tubing on the Log Lady MTB that came out last year. From the little I've seen, people seem to dig that bike. Can't comment specifically about the tubing.

Originally Posted by BluesDawg View Post
I like it. In fact, I placed an order for one today. Size 58 complete bike. Should be here in a week or so. UPS hasn't posted a delivery date yet.
I'll keep an eye out. I'm clearly biased since I have an All City bike already, but I'm looking forward to checking one out once my LBS gets one.
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