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Originally Posted by Rollfast View Post
I've never seen this with a bicycle, it takes a lot of money to buy tires, liners, slime sealant, parts and accessories (lights, horns, tanks, baskets, racks) and occasionally rims and truing...

The scale of maintaining a bike is almost on par with that of keeping up a car. Once you get to a certain point however and treat it right, either one will have stable operating costs, other than fuel in the case of the car. You have to keep both serviced regularly to achieve that and there are no guarantees.

And I have six bikes, No. 7 is actually for a relative when it's done. I've owned at least two dozen bikes in my life.
I have owned 20 cars/trucks, 3 motorbikes & 2 bicycles... and the scale of upkeep on my cars is/was out of this world more expensive than the two bicycles... Just saying

$14,000 over the last 20 years for the bicycles...
$480,000+ for the last 40 years for my vehicles...

I wonder how may extra Hrs I worked just for my vehicle's compared to if I only used bicycles & public transport…

EDIT; OK I can't help it, I figured it out... 30$/Hr, 2,000 Hrs a year = 8 years out of my last 40 years working life I spent working, just to have vehicles...………
and, yes I know my numbers are NOT close to most peoples numbers, BUT, everyone who own/driver a vehicle has a number like that even tho it's smaller, most people just ignore it and only focus on the good part of owning a vehicle... 15 minutes to drive to work not 1Hr to ride to work or 1/2Hr on public transportation, both mush less $$$ overall.

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