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Originally Posted by Dreww10 View Post
I checked my resting HR in the very beginning, when I was feeling fatigued and lethargic 24 hours a day, and it was normal (about 45 bpm); haven't checked it lately but I'd suspect it's increased now due to detraining. As noted above, I no longer have any symptoms whatsoever: no fatigue, no illness, insomnia, irregular weight less/gain, nothing. I feel 100% fine, and even after I ride I still feel great, I just don't have any endurance or power and HR is up. You're right, though, that slow recovery and cramping have been an ongoing issue.

The only thing I can recollect that was out of the norm at the time this began was I had been experimenting with consuming increasing amounts of pure salt in my bottles. I have to assume though that a heart condition caused by that would present other symptoms besides poor athletic performance, would it not?
Other than weight gain, I don't think you'd notice increased salt. No endurance or power: something's screwed up. Could be anything. Blood's not right? Mitochondria not right? Hormones not right? You seem to have no interest in going to a doctor to find out what's wrong. Post again after you've seen one and have all blood work and a diagnosis.

CFB out. The longer you wait to find out, the greater the danger.
Results matter
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