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Originally Posted by rumrunn6 View Post
aside from the trees, those riding conditions look ideal

fwiw approx 25 yrs ago I messed up my back for life while 4 wheeling on logging roads in my Toyota. bent down to lift a skinny tree off the trail. turns out the skinny tree was long enough & heavy enough to wrench my back so badly I had to lay down right there on the trail. started to get dark so I forced myself back into the truck, found some Tylenol (inadequate) & found my way home. called Wifey to help me into the house. I guess I had a cell phone? got me into bed. next day I tried to stand & sneezed. that sneeze almost made me faint. got back into bed & we called the doc who prescribed a kind of salt muscle relaxer (cyclobenzaprine). I eventually recovered but y back has ever been the same & I am prone to back spasms. I use all possible techniques to avoid getting a spasm & when I do, everything in my power to avoid the meds! Wifey says they make me "cranky". truth is, aside from the positive effects it does some weird stuff too. it takes several days to recover from meds. the original label used to say: "alcohol can enhance effect" lol anyway, careful lifting those trees!
The conditions were pretty good, and hoping to get some longer rides in this weekend.
I've been living with back issues for over 20 years, and have been put down just tying my shoes. I have set stretching routine that I do in the morning, evening, and while working. I'm not a medicine person and deal with it as it comes, I've always had a high tolerance to pain.
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