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Originally Posted by reppans View Post
I think you're pretty safe in rural areas with a simple lock to deter the opportunistic thief. More densely populated urban and touristy coastline areas where you have lots of bike traffic is a high risk though - that's where thieves like to go shopping with tools. I lost one of my favorite bikes in a big city when I ran inside for 10mins.... bike was locked with a Kryptonite U-lock. That turned me off bike touring for a while.

Now use a specialized ultra-compact rig for densely populated touring that is nearly the equivalent of a 2-item airline wheeled carry-on set-up. I usually just wheel everything with me inside (stores, restaurants, museums, tent, public transport, etc) and so have virtually eliminated my theft concerns.

Actually depending on the city it can be fairly safe too depending on where you are. I went through Chicago and a number of people told me no need to worry about the bike down near the water front. When I got there I found out why. Tons of cops everywhere. I guess they don't want the tourists getting ripped off.

I was shocked at how helpful everyone was too. The cops were very nice. One saw my Pittsburgh jersey. His partner was from Pittsburgh and we chatted a bit. A local couple moved to a different table for me at the restaurant so I could be closer to my bike. They offered I didn't even need to ask. Their comment was basically the same , that I needn't worry too many cops around.

Now Portland and Seattle? I will be in both cities in the next couple of weeks. I don't plan to leave the bike out of my sight, if I can avoid it.
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