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Originally Posted by TiHabanero View Post
Although the bike has been ordered, with a budget of 8k, why did you go with an off the shelf bike when a full custom bike could have been had? Tubing, components, color, etc. all to your specific requirements, not to mention the frame is purposely built to your body fit. Right now I can have a custom built Seven titanium frame set up with Ultegra and Hed wheelset for well under 8k. Seven designs the bike around your body dimensions, butts the tubing, cuts it to length, etc. What was the motivating factor to go with off the shelf bike? I know you said weight and the alure of carbon, but it had to be something else.
Thanks, and I will answer your questions as directly as I can...
I am an off the shelf sized guy.. 5'10" 170# 54.5 TT length. 31" jeans inseam. Have half a dozen bikes, all 54's and one 55, they fit.
Tubing means Ti, which means a 2# weight increase. Why do that when my goal is be as fast as on the machine as I can get? I need to keep up with my wife, and she's grabbing polka dot jerseys on Zwift.
Components for me were Ultegra Di2 or SRAM Force AXS.. either. That was all I was wanting.
The color is appealing to me, unusual and kind of unique, so OK there.
Seven is great, one day I may get one, but I'm 62 and need help getting faster, so that was the trump card.
This BMC also comes with carbon wheels, and the only other factor that played a major roll was BMC is a Swiss bike and I really like all thing European, especially Swiss.

And thanks for the last comment after this one who liked the color and whose friends had had good experience with BMC's.
I do appreciate all the replies...
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