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Originally Posted by schiavonec
man is rich in proportion to things he can AFFORD to leave alone.

This may be an assumption on my part, but I am curious as to how many of the respondees are:
- not in profession careers where appearance matters (this isn't a dig, but some folks have to wear suits 5 days a week - thankfully not me);
- married
- with children (a whole host of 'crap' comes along with the lil ones);
- business owners;
- pet owners (larger than 10lbs);
- caring for parents or elderly family members;
- property owners
- business travelers (not always a bus available when you need a 4:30 am red eye flight)
- coaches for traveling sports
- dependent on medical devices for basic health maintenance

None of these are digs by any means though, just aspects that make simple living not so simple. Overall, it may be easiest to live simply when young (18-28 and single, or older (65+ and single). I applaud anyone that can live simply and raise a family: it is a cummulative triumph for them.

ok good point

here is me. i owne two small businesses one is a pedicab buisness, easy no store front no suite. the other is a bike related clothing company, most sales are web based. i run it out of the back of my brothers tattoo shop and just pay him for a few bills. i am currently single this is do in part to my choice of the simple life i lead, no girl wants to live in a camper. i dont have any kids, i did have two cats but there are now with the girl who i used to live with. the house boat dream might take awhile, it all depends on the clothing company. it's really starting to go! well any way thats me most of my family dont understand just last night my mom told me i needed to get a real job!
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