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Originally Posted by schiavonec
man is rich in proportion to things he can AFFORD to leave alone.

This may be an assumption on my part, but I am curious as to how many of the respondees are:
- not in profession careers where appearance matters (this isn't a dig, but some folks have to wear suits 5 days a week - thankfully not me);
- married
- with children (a whole host of 'crap' comes along with the lil ones);
- business owners;
- pet owners (larger than 10lbs);
- caring for parents or elderly family members;
- property owners
- business travelers (not always a bus available when you need a 4:30 am red eye flight)
- coaches for traveling sports
- dependent on medical devices for basic health maintenance

None of these are digs by any means though, just aspects that make simple living not so simple. Overall, it may be easiest to live simply when young (18-28 and single, or older (65+ and single). I applaud anyone that can live simply and raise a family: it is a cummulative triumph for them.
People who live simple lifestyles let their values and frugal mentality shape their circumstances and surroundings rather than letting their circumstances and surroundings dictate their values.

Who told you you had to go out and start a career that demands you wear a suit five days a week or start your own business or buy a house or have a 50 pound dog for a pet? Were you coerced into marrying your spouse? Why didn't you find someone who shared your simple non-materialistic values? Since when does being a business traveler or a coach dictate that one must buy a 48" tv and have a two story house with an S.U.V. in the garage?

If you are someone who values "stuff", then by all means go out and get that high-paying job that requires a suit five days a week. Go out and marry Daddy's little princess/prince who always got whatever she/he wanted. Then you can move into the nicest house out in suburbia and be forever keeping up with the joneses.
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