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Originally Posted by eofelis
I wonder about the house-buying thing....

I've heard the house called "the ultimate possession"

My parents never owned a house. They rented a very small house in a rural area when I was growing up. I had miles of woods and fields to roam in, and my parents didn't seem unhappy that they didn't own the house. After my dad passed away, my mom wanted to move closer to town. She gave 30 days notice and moved out (I had moved out before then). So it never really occured to me that you had to own a house.

My BF & I live in a 1 br apt over a 4 car garage. It's pretty nice, not too expensive, close to places we need to go. Sometimes it would be nice to have a house with more room for the 9 bikes. But then we'd have to spend weekends working on the house and yard instead of hiking and biking. If something breaks in the apt, we call the landlord. He's pretty good about getting things fixed right away.

A good book I like is Work Less & Play More by Steve Catlin.
Surely you can see that buying a house or owning it outright is much less foolish than renting.
Only 2 percent of people own their homes outright,,,the ultimate in independance.
Working on the yard? mowing once a week and raking a couple times in the fall..big deal.
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