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strong believer in having at least 2 sets of wheels...
one for those crappy ridin condition days and one 'Sunday goin to meetin'...
you're headin into winter, I'd be ridin my 'winter' set until the roads clear and clean up in Spring.

for "abuse worthy and just keep rollin" wheels, I'll echo the PB Forte Titans that someone else mentioned... run well and just keep comin back for more abuse. I have a set which has prolly 7K miles and never seen a spoke wrench... not real light, but not real heavy, just right for a training set.
But they do vary... I went thru 3 sets at the local PB store to find this set.

not wanting to take food out of the mouths of someone's children...
I will offer up a slight diff. type of wheel, which I've now had 1K miles on.
Spinergy Xaero Lites
I was a doubter when I got these, now a firm believer.
Definitely the most comfortable performance wheelset I've ever ridden. Really Light, super smooth hubs.
I mean, incredibly comfortable and still firma and responsive..., without any mushiness!
They climb really well. Roll really well, especially on rough roads.
at 165 lbs, I'm not a heavy weight, and even though I'll ride big gears, I'm not a masher, so YMMV for the really big guys...
we'll see how they hold up at 5K; but I'm convinced enough to get another set...
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