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Originally Posted by DTSCDS View Post
Okay, not that I have permission. . .
I want to follow Adrien's lead.
I have a pair of Performance Bike Ultra bibs I will give to someone. (I will even cover the postage.) (U.S. shipping only)
I would prefer they go to someone who has never tried 'proper' bike shorts/bibs before. They are in almost new shape. I promise I have washed them and they are squeaky clean. They are 2X. I wear a 44 pant and they are a bit tight for me. I'm thinking 40/42 would be fine.
I hate them, never really liked them, shouldn't have bought them cuz even in the store I wasn't crazy about 'em. But, there are lots of very positive reviews of them out there so it's probably just me. The problem for me is the fabric. My "Beloved Nike Bibs" are an incredibly smooth, silky fabric--apparently they are made from the donated skin from baby angel bottoms. My second favorite bibs the fabric is nice and silky smooth. The Performance bibs feel like they are made from burlap. (I'm almost 100% sure they are NOT, in fact, made from burlap.)
Hit me up if you want them.
Am i too late? Just recently got into cycling and it seems like every other day im dropping cash on bike parts. So It would be nice to get my first pair of bike shorts without dropping even more. I live in California, and i will more than happily cover shipping even though you said you would.
Pretty great community here and i hope to soon be a part of it.
Thanks a ton.
Sorry like i said just started an account, and while i have a few posts in mind, nowhere near the 50 mark needed to PM. My email address is
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