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Awful cranky today jamawani. I see opinions and direct experiences, no stunning ignorance, no one will need rescue regardless of timing on the low elevations of the transam. If you get into the mountains a little too early or too late, there's this thing called a weather forecast, that you check. If it's going to be 35 degrees and raining, looky, you get to sleep-in that day, maybe for a couple days. No big deal. Can you get caught in a freak storm, sure, been there done that. Put on all you clothes, with rain coat over top, take your front wheel off and use it waive down a car. Call the police if necessary, Your on a road, not Wind River Canyon.

Originally Posted by jamawani View Post
Sometimes the ignorance of the people posting here is stunning.
A buddy of mine on search & rescue ended up quitting after recovery became as common as rescue.
People from Atlanta or St. Louis who came out to hunt in Wyoming in the fall -
Who left in 75-degree weather only to get caught unprepared in a blizzard.

Same goes for wind - although the results aren't usually as deadly.
One problem with the internet is that some want the info that they imagine -
Even though there is tons of reliable data online -
Such as wind data, such as temperatures.

People such as these DESERVE getting slammed by headwinds.
Fact is - there are patterns to wind - albeit norms - not constant.
They are called "prevailing" winds for a reason.
But be my guest - putz right along.
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