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Wind speeds and directions

I always assumed that west winds were the most common here in Ohio. But south and southwest winds are actually more likely. weatherspark.com has selected city averages.

Reposted from another thread: (And note that Ohio has a much higher percentage of days with no wind--the white portion of the Jan-Dec charts)


Here in Ohio, I assumed that west winds were the most common. But it's a lot more complicated than that.

I posted in another thread about the interesting yearly averages data from weatherspark.com. (And their weather radar is really great, too.) South winds are actually most common here in Ohio, and the wind speeds change over the year.

From my post:


Here's wind directions in Wichita, Kansas: (from it's weatherspark averages page, scroll all the way down)

That's a lot different than SW Ohio:

And the average wind speeds are lower here, too. Here, we normally ignore wind speeds and direction forecasts, unless it mentions an unusually strong wind.

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