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Actually, there is risk involved in riding against a constant headwind.
It's called exhaustion and it can impact judgment.

25 years ago a guy started riding with me in Wyoming who had little experience.
He insisted that we ride into the wind even though I said it was futile - but I went along.
(I should have let him go on his merry way alone.)
3 or 4 exhausting hours out - he swerved into a car's path.
Fortunately, all he had was a broken collar bone.
The irony - we ended up at a hospital in the town where we started.


Check the journals over at Crazyguy.
In Kansas, southerly sidewinds predominate on the TransAm.
But in Wyoming, westbound riders encounter far more headwinds.
Same goes for the few who venture west in the Columbia Gorge on the L & C.
And yes, the difference between 5 a.m. and 5 p.m. is often 20mph+.
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