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Yeah I have a idea. Being an engineer that spent part of my career in a fire protection research group, I suggest you leave this up to the people that know how to test their designs in a safe setting.

If you really feel a need for a white gas stove that is light weight, look at the Svea, Optimus 99 or Optimus 8R. Many of these exist on the used market but a good one won't be too cheap. Phoebus 725 is similar but has a steel tank which is heavier, but had a removable heat shield for cold weather operation. I am not sure but I think that the Svea is still in production. Of these, my favorite was the Phoebus. An external pump could also be purchased for the 99 or 8R. (The pump would work on the Svea, but not during operation.)

Yes I read your post number two, but I can't overemphasize that this should be left to those that have the facilities for proper testing.
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