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Question...should I buy a new bike or?...

Before anyone goes off too hard on me here I guess I should preface this with...

"This is just me planning for the future"

But the topic came up between me and my "Crazy about Road Bikes" coworker who's intensely into it too the point he owns not one but (2) Trek road bikes...one is his $4k "Trainer" and the other?...his $10K "Serious Bike"...now I've teased around with him offering up ridiculously low ball offers for his "Trainer" but I emphasis...just teasing...that said?...he inquired the other day asking me what's next in my journey...to which I responded...

"I dunno...just more pedaling I guess but I would like to upgrade at some point if for nothing else but to keep me motivated."

He then asked what I was thinking about as I responded with...

"I dunno...on one hand?...I'm figuring the next step up in a new bike will probably be something in the $1,200-$1,500 price range in either a Specialized or Bianchi buuuuuuuuut...I'm wondering if I wouldn't be better off just using my current Giant OCR3 Frame and using that same money to deck it out with high end derailleurs and upgraded brakes."

He immediately informed me I should just go for a new bike but when I asked why?...he cited that a new bike will be lighter with a more technologically advance frame...to which I countered with...

"True...maybe....but within that price range how much lighter of a bike am I going to get?...because if it's not a 100% CF frame?....(and I don't believe that money will get me one of those)....my bikes frame is already an aluminum 6061 hydro-formed number with CF forks so?....then that just leaves the tech advancements in ergos that to me means basically nothing because if I can make adjustments to the seat and bars to get my butt and hands in proper relationship to the crank just how advantageous are these "Ergo Advancements" VS me having Cadillac level hardware on my giant?"

To which he kind of cocked his head with a smirk of agreement and I could tell I just got him rethinking his end of this short exchange/debate.

So I'm curious...what say you all?...I've already got a real nice seat on the giant...(a "fitted to me & properly adjusted" specialized romin evo that my butt loves)...so to me it seems a choice between a shiny new frame with bargain basement hardware or?...my trusty old giant with top shelf level hardware...decisions, decisions! LOL!

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