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Originally Posted by oldnslow2 View Post
I new lighter and more expensive bike will not make you faster. But if it gets you out more, putting more miles on it and makes you want to ride more... do it.

Let's face it, 99% of us will never race. We're at a stage in out lives where the kids are done with school, the house is paid off and we're saving for retirement. We have some disposable income and more free time on the weekends.

So here's your choice:
1) Lease a new Corvette for a year and never use it to a 1/4 of its potential.
2) Get a really nice carbon bike and ride it as often as you can.

With option 1) the only exercise you'll get is dusting the car at weekend cruise nights and sitting in a folding chair drinking beer.

With option 2), you loose weight, strengthen your heart and muscles. It's the best way to relieve stress, other than taking a blue pill and hoping the wife is ready for 15 minutes of activity.

Do you want to be this guy?

Or this guy? (who's 102)
Dear God Almighty!...not to be not nice to nobody and hats off to the old dude for sure but to be honest?...neither one...the drug companies couldn't make enough aleve for me to wanna still be pedaling at 102! LOL!
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