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The question is, how is your current bike limiting your enjoyment and performance? If the answer is either "not at all" or "I don't know" then a new bike isn't really going to make any difference, and you're just thinking you might like something newer and fancier. Nothing wrong with that if that's what you want to spend your money on, but it won't make you a better cyclist. Cycling, like golf, is full of people who buy new equipment every year but do little or nothing to improve their own ability to use it.

Personally I'd suggest you ride what you have and don't worry about upgrades at this point. When you think you might want to update the groupset, that's the time to evaluate the economics of doing that, or buying the new bike with groupset already installed. The choice you'll make will be dependent on what deals are available at the time, and in the meantime you can put a bit of money aside to increase the options you have available.
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