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Help me find this bike!

Hey guys, when we were growing up maybe mid 90ís we had this bike. It was BMX style more or less but it had these plastic composite mag wheels that you could adjust the axle point on the mag itself. Iím gonna try to draw this and attach a photo but imagine that instead of a fixed true center point for the axles you could adjust that point up and down maybe 3-4Ē off center in 1 direction. So when you rode you would go up and down, both up, both down, any combination in between. It had longer forks to accommodate the wheel travel. It had some elaborate cable brake systems We just called it the ďChinese bikeĒ because the graphics were in some sort of Asian writing. We didnít buy the bike new we just traded around all the time. It eventually got stolen and I donít even know what itís called to try to find one now. Any help would be great, thanks in advance!
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