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Yep, if I were betting, I would place my money on the BP MS150 becoming an "out and back" ride before I bet on it ever finishing in downtown Austin again. It isn't just about where to setup team tents, it is about where to park a dozen 18 wheelers for bikes and supplies, several dozen box trucks for various teams, a couple of dozen buses for transportation back to Houston, shower trucks, etc. There just isn't room down there for all of that without the big open parking lots that are now being turning into buildings. Also, as Tanstaafl said, when you get that many riders going down what is not a sleepy country road anymore, the traffic can become a huge nightmare, particularly if you have to try to get medical assistance to injured riders. Those kinds of logistics problems CAN be overcome with the right support from various government agencies...but they CAN also be used as reasons not to do it if the heads of the governmental agencies don't want to support the downtown finish.
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