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Only 2 cm off your ideal frame size should give you room to make it fit.

My ideal size is 60cm. For a while 62-63cm frames were my ‘thing’ with a comfortably stretched position. Lately, I’ve been riding 58cm frames and appreciate the responsive ride.

Caveats - 2/3 of my rides are 30 miles or less, so fit isn’t a huge issue for a 2 hour jaunt. I’ve also been riding for 35+ years and have no skeletal issues to speak of. I also think my flexibility is pretty good (but what’s the measure?).

Headtube length is a measurement that’s more important to me than seattube length.
Pics of a smaller vs larger frame.

edit: As mentioned by @Barrettscv, handlebars can make a big difference, often overlooked as tube lengths and stem dominate fit discussions.

58cm Bottecchia with 16cm headtube (my minimum)

62cm AustroDaimler with 20cm headtube
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