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Originally Posted by curttard View Post
Ok but what would I want to do? Keep heartrate in same range on flats as uphill? Get the bpm up on the climbs and let it go way down on the flats?
You cannot keep your HR the same on hills unless you go really slow. Let me tell you about a ride I did the other day. I wanted a decently fast ride without digging too deep. It was the third day of 4 riding and I was building base for a ride in a couple of weeks. The ride was 70 miles. Roughly flat for 30, a 10 mile hilly loop and roughly flat coming home except I cut two miles off on the return going over a 2/3s of a mile 300' hill. I kept my HR between 124 and 136 almost the entire time except it climbed to 145 on the hills and higher still when I stood (but I cannot see the monitor when I stand. I am a natural out of the saddle climber so I don't worry about that.)

I spent most of the hills seated and used my gears and pace to stay at 145. (Enough lower gears is a real plus. I am a big fan of triples.) One way to think of hills as they are where you "burn matches". You've only got so many. The further you go over what is for your body a reasonable HR, the more matches you burn. Yes, you build fitness burning matches, but only until you run out, then you can no longer keep up a good training level. The breath observation I have been talking about is a real part of getting to know when you are burning those matches. On rides where I am going to "go for it" on one big hill, I make it a point to keep my HR and breathing really easy on the hills leading up to it. When I was much younger, I kept my HR under 155 the first 40 miles of a century. Allowed myself to stay at 164 for the big climb of miles up a pass and rode it really strong. The 155 was painful! Like limiting a thoroughbred to 12 mph! But it paid off big-time. (Now that 155 is 145. Aging sucks.)

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