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Originally Posted by gearbasher View Post
I once had a KMC link that wouldn't close. I tried everything. Got so peed-off, I emailed KMC. They asked me to send them the link. I did and they sent a new one back to me.
On the very first KMC chain I tried, I got a bum Missing Link that wouldn't close, because one of the pins wasn't perpendicular to the side plate:

I had no other links around and had to scramble for one. I emailed KMC and asked for a new chain for my hassle, They wanted me to fill out a form and send in the chain. I did not.

In both your case and mine, KMC could have made lifelong friends by saying "Jeez, we're sorry, that shouldn't have happened! We're sending you a new whatever for your trouble. So sorry!"

But no, you have to return the link, so KMC can be sure you're not scamming them to get a free $5 item that costs them pennies to manufacture. What a great company (not).

To the OP, I agree with other posters who recommend a tool for the job, but I too did it for many years without one and could always get the link off. Maybe you too got a bum link from KMC.
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