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As others in this thread have said, I think Jan's conclusion is mostly correct, but the argument he's making to reach that conclusion here is just rubbish. The central problem with his argument is that he claims that people are choosing wider rims because it makes sidewalls stronger, but this is simply not true and that makes his points about sidewall flexibility and tire compression irrelevant. And his comments about the advantages of the "O" shape of tubulars is actually one that should encourage people to use wider rims, since a wider rim increases the outer circumference of a "Ω" shape tire. But perhaps the most ridiculous thing about this article is that in it he describes experiencing (but misattributes the cause to stiff sidewalls) the very problem that people in this thread have already mentioned and the reason why we need to be careful not to match tires with rims that are too narrow: if you don't have enough tire pressure, the sidewall can buckle and the tire can roll, which produces squirrelly handling, flats, blowouts, and crashes - and note that this need for higher pressure in turn limits the advantages of wide, supple tires.
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