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Originally Posted by downhillmaster View Post
A couple of water bottles, something to eat, bicycles in good working order with the ability/tools to change a flat, and a cell phone.
SAG? Seriously?
Did I miss where you mentioned that you are going through Death Valley. In a post apocalyptic world filled with flesh eating zombies...
Cell phone coverage non existent a lot of the ride. Plus, who wants to rely on that?

If you can ride 65 miles with about 6,000 feet of climbing on two water bottles, good for you. I can't. I can do 65 on two water bottles with just a couple thousand feet of climbing but even then I'm usually dehydrated at that point.

108 miles with over 10k feet of climbing isn't an easy ride for me, or the guys I ride with. If there were refill/refuel points every 25 miles it wouldn't be an issue really. There is a bit more risk of injury due to descents on gravel and double-track forest roads, but that's an acceptable risk.

Sorry if that's a typical ride for you. I fully understand your sarcasm and mocking then.
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