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Originally Posted by drewguy View Post
The problem is that it's the country's tax laws that matter, not the company's word. They apparently inaccurately described the possibility of a VAT refund, and it would be good of them to give a goodwill credit of the amount. But they're not the decided on when VAT refunds are available.

IIRC, Germany is particularly strict, and the export must be directly from Germany to outside the EU. We had an issue getting a refund because our flight connected in another EU country. So, my guess is that by shipping the bike to France (from Germany I'm assuming) eligibility for a refund was lost.
Nope. The rules allow it. If your read thru, I have been getting VAT refunds from, also based in Germany, irrespective of where I fly out from.

And yes, if they made a mistake, I would expect them to make it good. Even partially is OK.
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