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Originally Posted by Kapusta View Post
Well, next time I want to order a bike from one foreign country and have it delivered to a different foreign country to pick up in the middle of an international vacation, I'll shop elsewhere.
Originally Posted by mstateglfr View Post
I cant imagine being in a life position for it to ever happen, I can sympathize with the frustration the OP feels since he thinks he did his due diligence.
It is a reasonable idea to buy a touring bike on the road, and bring it back home.

Actually, I did that in Italy when I bought my Colnago Super, used, rode it around some, then brought it back home, and have had it ever since. There was no mention of VAT at the time.

Originally Posted by PepeM View Post
Fwiw, tourists can (or could?) also get a refund on sales tax in the US.
It depends. It is very common between Oregon (no Sales Tax) and Washington (Sales Taxes). I'm not quite sure what the rules are, but if it is something to be consumed in Washington, I generally ignore it. But, for some things I will ask. They simply verify driver's license, then remove the sales tax.

I assume the would do similar for international customers.

Not every place does remove the taxes. But, it never hurts to ask.
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